The basis analysis and scientific diagnosis of a skin are required for experience of proper skin care. And the analysis of skin measurement data makes possible effective customized experience. Therefore, Skinanniversary uses state-of-the-art skin measurement equipment to perform diverse diagnosis tests on sebum secretion state, pore state, skin dryness, and pigment distribution, and then runs experience programs on the basis of the diagnosis results. Skin diagnosis materials are managed by Skinanniversary, and you can check them at the website of Skinanniversary.


The super-large sized esthetic space, which can accommodate as many as 300 people at the same time, has 10 skin care rooms. Based on Korean-style skin care skills, skin care experts provide esthetic services according to various courses (for men, women, and children).


developed with the substances extracted scientifically from nature according to various skin types, is a customized natural cosmetic brand to rejuvenate the skin.

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